Burning ★★★½

Yikes, the second movie I watched this year that I thought was brilliant on first viewing, but I feel like is merely fine on second viewing (the other was...well, just look at my log).  What the hell is going on!?

In all fairness, this movie still gets a lot of things right:  it’s genuinely atmospheric, it has an eerie sense of place, and it has some great scenes (the phone call scene where the camera rack focuses to the trees is brilliant).  The problem is the movie drags faaaar too much (it takes about 70 minutes to get to the suspense thriller part), and by the time the movie reaches it shocking climax the viewer is exhausted by how drawn out it is.   Also, I can’t get over that the female characters in this are just variations of the manic pixie dream girl, which undercuts the characterizations significantly.  

I still like the movie, though that 2 1/2 hour second viewing was rough.  My initial 9 out of 10 rating has dropped to an “admire more than I like” 7 out of 10.  Oh well.

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