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  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    I decided to watch it because of a beautiful poster I saw on twitter,I turned on my experimental mood and started watching without reading a word about the movie, I was shocked in the second they started talking when I found that it was a musical film, but I decided to watch a bit of the young beautiful Catherine Deneuve then turn it off when it's boring, but I never did, such a beautiful movie in every detail.

  • Al eeteraf al akhir

    Al eeteraf al akhir

    في آخر مشهد نور الشريف بص للسما وقام رافع إيده ومديها صرخة مسرحية أظن يقصد يقول "يا بضاااانيييي".. قمت قايل سيم يافنان والله وشكرته عشان مكنتش عارف التعبير المناسب عن شعوري من أول الفيلم

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  • Love Letter

    Love Letter

    A movie that pops into your mind on a bad day,caresses you, sets your imprisoned four or five tears free, wipes your eyes, then leaves you with good feelings and a warm heart, simply a favourite movie.

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    *Sophia Lauren doing a strip and almost got naked *
    Me: Oh! Marcello Mastroianni even barks much better than the cutest puppies, he can do anything.
    I guess he became more favourite than my Dunkaccino,It's hard to face such a new fact, but I think I have to 😔.