The Favourite ★★★★½

Love has limits...
Do we need love that much?
Before watching this film I thought it would be a lot like Stanley kubrick’s barry lyndon style (which it’s not wrong btw it’s not wrong that kubrick inspires you ) but I was wrong yorgos has his own touch that made this film really great and unique the cinematography (frames and videography) is stunning really touching and inspiring such a great work from yorgos 
Yorgos wanted to say from this film that the war inside the kingdom between abigail and sarah to be the queen’s favourite isn’t less evil and cruelty than the war outside the kingdom between England and France  
The performance from the three main actors was excellent too 
I really liked the character writing for the three main characters too it will apear simple as one wants authority to be safe and live well and one feel threatend by that and the one who only needs love . But it’s so much deeper than that and the actresses really helped me to feel that by their performance 
Such a great film one of my favourites in 2018...