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This review may contain spoilers.

Another lars von trier anxiety trip When the director make a movie about his anxieties and fears it’s really one of my favourites 
you only can know jack’s character from his crimes that he sees them as an art just like lars as we know him from his films that he is a cruel melancholy person but also sensitive person with deep feelings
Jack wants to build a house but he can’t because art needs empathy needs love but I don’t think lars will end up as jack
He is clearly a sensitive person ...
I don’t know what’s going on on this man’s head or imagination to imagine a stunning frames like this and write such a scenario and  choose  a narrative style there are a stunning scenes like the scene with (simple) when he told her that no one can hear her and asked her to scream as loud as she can and the scene of murdering the second woman 
The theory of the lamppost is really really great and the best clarification of the psychopathy or jack’s condition
Matt Dillon made such a great perfomance and reincarnation 
The character was part of him like it was part of lars von trier (but not completely)
Lars is back after nymphomaniac with another masterpiece the best movie I’ve seen this year even before  finish the other movies of this year