Downsizing ★★★★

5 inches tall, betrayed by his wife, culture shock, mid life crisis and not to mention a lady bug could probably kill him. Matt Damon goes through the ringer in this movie. Downsizing, the concept of making yourself small as fuck (about 5 inches) to increase your wealth x10, save the planet and just have a better life in general ... at least that’s what Matt Damons character “Paul” thought. Paul, a physical therapist in his late 30’s decides to take the plunge with his wife. The Safranaks are Downsizing! Or so Paul thought, accept his wife backs out at the last second (what a bitch btw)! Paul’s fucked now, 5 inches tall and with not even a fourth of the money he had to his name, now has to navigate through this mad science like tiny world. In theory the concept of downsizing is a pretty good idea though right? but so were nukes... Matt Damon is A+ through out the whole film, I think the reason Matt is so successful and good at what he does is merely because he picks the right films to be in, if you’re excited about what you’re doing you’re going to be that much better at it. This movie pulls on the heart string we all have, the feeling of being lost, having no idea what to do, not knowing what’s gonna happen next and how your going to do what you don’t even know you have to do yet.