In the Tall Grass ★★★

This is one of those movies when at the end all you can say is “What the fuck” and clap, here’s my take on it. Normally I start my reviews with what genre or sub genre it is or lands near but this one has me a little fucked up so lets just call this genre “Chaos Horror”? The field seems to be some type of time paradox, in our world time is linear but in this field its not, it’s cyclical (I think). The field attracts its victims by exploiting peoples human nature to help others, it’s in our DNA. Once they’re in the field they are never to be seen again, which on its own is a scary thought. The group gets stuck in a time loop full of Murderous hosts, desperateness, Insanity, mud and a big fuck you to phyics and the only way out seems to be to plege your loyalty. Overall the movie was scary in a “how the fuck are they gonna get out of this”  sort of way, the acting was nothing too special but it was good enough to make you believe these people are fucked. It’s true, none of us can look away from a car crash.