Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★½

They’re back .. Once again it’s time to Nut Up or shut up... The original Zombieland is a cult classic and the thing is with cult classics is sequels can ruin the legacy but in the case of Zombieland 2 they did it justice. It takes place 10 years from Z day, they’re a real family now, they love each other, Tallahassee looks at little rock as his daughter and Columbus sees Witchita as the love of his life. All seems peaceful in Zombieland.. That’s until chaos strikes again and they need to save one of their own. The Zombieland cast has this chemistry about them that made the movie so good, you see a lot more of that in this movie and more of the classic zany type humour from the first film. They figured out the formula and ran with it, it was enjoyable the whole way through.