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  • Less than Zero

    Less than Zero


    The only Bret Easton Ellis adaptation I’ve seen with some actual heart to it. I mean, it’s still not good, but the soundtrack and cinematography mostly made up for how little of a shit I gave about any of the characters.

  • America So Beautiful

    America So Beautiful


    “We help our own, with blood, sweat, and tears.”

    Film as an act of rebellion. An Iranian-American spin on Shadows/Mean Streets that I never thought I needed until now. Where this really shines is in its editing, which becomes straight-up impressionistic at times.

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  • NiNoKuni


    This pretty much lost me as soon as a character was being chased by a mysterious killer and her first instinct was not to call the police, but rather her friend WHO IS IN A FUCKING WHEELCHAIR!

  • Rhubarb


    Movie: Uses muted color palette and claustrophobic aspect ratio

    First Year Film Students Whose Favorite Films Consist of Nothing But A24: "Genius. The work of an up-and-coming visionary. Five stars."