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  • The Cloud in Her Room

    The Cloud in Her Room

    I don't like to discuss works like this in my class, nor do I wanna see these movies that bore me out of my mind nor do I feel affected by them.

    The truly scary thing is that people somehow can see things in this movie, that the movie didn't even deliver. What it did was being very calculating, precisely pinning down what works for international film festivals and it isn't the sole perpetrator of this of course. Just like…

  • Goodbye for Tomorrow

    Goodbye for Tomorrow


    Asadora squeezed into a two hour+ movie.

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  • The Girl Who Picks Flowers and the Girl Who Kills Insects

    The Girl Who Picks Flowers and the Girl Who Kills Insects

    FUCKMANWHOHASTHISMOVIE? If I ever get my fingers on a screener I'll upload it for y'all

  • Gondola



    Same vibes as August in the Water. How was this movie ever overlooked? Who is the director of this? Why is the soundtrack so God like, why are the camera setting so perfectly calculated and the rythm of the cuts just doesn't let me stop moving my gaze from the monitor.

    It all comes down to our main actress and her entering the hellhole that puberty is. A nightmare vision of what her womanhood is pushing her into, bluring the…