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  • Mighty Space Miners

    Mighty Space Miners


    A fun little oddity, but not recommended for completists. Mighty Space Miners was projected to be a 6-part OAV, only two episodes were made, and the series stops mid-plot. I'm not sure why this was discontinued as there is plenty to like here (the whiney lead character might have had something to do with it), but it's clear by now we'll never know how this story would've ended.

    Nanbu is a skilled 12-year-old who lives on an artificial satellite of…

  • Noiseman Sound Insect

    Noiseman Sound Insect


    Koji Morimoto's masterpiece. And that's high praise for a man who has consistently pushed the boundaries, making some of the most impressive, innovative animated films from Japan. Noiseman Sound Insect is indescribable, sporting a highly imaginative world, insane animation that still stands proudly today, beautiful character design and wildly creative settings, a perfectly tailored score, and a plot like none you've ever seen. Every single second of its 15-minute runtime is polished and meaningful, a trip like no other.

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  • 2LDK



    This film, being made in just a week, is obviously a little rough around the edges. At the same time, there's also a level of vitality and energy that is often lacking from films that are more meticulously planned. Tsutsumi made some smart decisions, keeping the cinematography and soundtrack more functional, while focusing on elements that were able to stand out more easily. With two spirited actresses, a fun and progressively more over-the-top script, nifty dark comedy and a very…

  • Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody


    There is plenty to love here. The film has no glaring weak points, it has a strong heart, and it makes the 160 minutes seem like a short introduction to the main story. There is so much going on, both stylistically and story-wise, that it may be a bit much the first time around. Even so, the film leaves you with a feeling of having watched something very special. Maybe van Dormael could've scrapped a few elements to make it into a tighter whole, at the same time I believe it would've killed part of the charm. Definitely recommended!

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