Malignant ★★★½

James Wan's big return to the horror genre. After a disastrous superhero flick, he recharged his batteries and came back to do what he's good at: make freaky horror flicks. Malignant isn't a reinvention of Wan's trademark style, but it's a solid evolution that makes sure he isn't just making the same film over and over again.

Madison is stuck in an abusive marriage, until one night a dark figure enters her house and kills her husband. From that moment on, Madison starts seeing gruesome murders in her dreams. Murder that are carried out in real life too. She notifies the police, but they suspect that Madison herself is involved.

I quite like Wan's extrovert style of film making, so I had a pretty good time with Malignant. The score is really in your face, the horror is graphic, and the atmosphere is tangible. The monster itself is pretty kick-ass too. The police plot and the somewhat lengthy setup were a bit overdone and Wan doesn't make the best use of the underground sets, but other than that this was a pretty great Wan flick. Not his best, but very entertaining.

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