Skyfall ★★★★½

Ah. I remember when I first saw this in theaters back when it came out. Experiencing my very first Bond film ever and nearly 10 years later (god damm I’m getting old), it still holds up very well for the most part. 

If Casino Royale is considered to be the Batman Begins of the Bond series, then this is considered to be The Dark Knight of the series (hell even Sam Mendes admitted that film was a big influence on Skyfall). 

This is a film about personal trauma. Dealing with the sins of your past, the traumatic events that will always follow you around, and the effect it has on you and your love ones. All of it makes it a very personal story that gives its 3 leads (Bond, M, and Silva) depth and complexity within themselves to overcome and deal with, even at the expanse of their lives as whole. Giving the film the more emotional weight than a typical bond film would. 

But even then, it’s still a really fun and engaging experience thanks to its great cast (I love the introductions of Q and Moneypenny to the Craig series), amazing action sequences (including the Home Alone remake at the end), eye Cushing cinematography by the GOAT Roger Dekins, and the slick pacing that keep things smooth and emotionally moving as possible. 

We don’t films like this at all.

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