Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Absolutely loved it. I was warned that I'd fall in love with the music of Inside Llewyn Davis and yes, that did transpire. The Coen brothers move a bit off their beaten path in this very different sort of tale, one about Llewyn (played wonderfully by Oscar Isaac) who strives to make something of himself as a folk singer in the early 60's.

The film has a look that feels old, like the "early music" that we are treated to in the many traditional songs herein. The colour palette is muted and limited, creating a monochromatic, almost black and white picture. And it all works in favour of the mood of the story.

The music is beautiful throughout, and I must confess that I ended up singing along to some of it, and really want to haul out my acoustic guitar to try some of this stuff out. Yes, inspired to pick up my instrument once again after a long hiatus.

Terrific film... I can't wait to re-watch it someday, and to definitely revisit the music as soon as possible.

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