Bird Box

Bird Box ★★

This movie is too long! It could easily be removed half an hour from the plot that would help speed up the plot and catch the viewer more easily. Honestly, you never see the creatures so instead of making the story more interesting it just makes it more boring, it's like they say screaming: we don't have enough budget! Far inferior to A Quiet Place, watch this film without any expectation or as the protagonists of this film, with a blindfold.
I won't deny that the performances are pretty solid. Personally, enjoy the part of the past more, seeing the interactions that the characters had between them than the adventure in the river. Anyway, it's not a bad movie but it certainly could give much more, a great wasted opportunity.
Perhaps it would have worked better in a miniseries format, so you can explore more about the story of the characters, build them better, get attached to them and better understand how these evil creatures work. In this way, a lore would be created with quite potential, being able to even create more projects from this story.
I would have liked that in this format the miniseries would have been four chapters that could be from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the plot and the construction of the characters. The first episode would be malorie living with the people of the house, meeting Tom, going to the supermarket, learning more about evil creatures, etc. The second chapter of Malorie and Tom's life, with the two children. The third chapter begins the journey and the arrival to the river and the fourth the adventure in the river. In this way, the plot would have been much richer and more profitable. If possible, being able to see the creatures and not just wind and leaves. That would be a great job with the current plot.

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