Dune ★★

Dune is definitely not the Lord of the Rings of our generation. It is a film that comes to feel empty, soulless. And it is unbelievable that a film with a production of that size, has a script of a primary school child. Most of the characters are totally forgettable, we do not know their motivations, their loyalties and their past. They are simply there to serve a function and then disappear from the plot. Not even with Paul, who is the protagonist, the expected Messiah, do we get to connect. And that's when the whole movie is one long exposition, about what may come to pass, it just doesn't feel right. How is it possible that in a movie that's over two and a half hours long, Zendaya is in it for less than two minutes? It's ridiculous. They've even said that her character will be highly important in the future plot, so it shows that this first part is just a sappy introduction to what we'll see later on and as a viewer, I don't want to see that, I want to see a story that excites me, characters I care about and a satisfying plot. Even the Lord of the Rings trilogy, each film individually, has these ingredients, an introduction, the crux of the plot, climax and a conclusion. Whether it's the first, second or third film, each film tells a story, despite being part of a larger plot. With Dune this never happens, it never starts the plot, it never tells us or tells us anything.
It hurts to admit it, but Dune is extremely boring. Dennis is a highly pretentious director, and it is true that most of the shots even look like artistic paintings, that the atmosphere he manages to build is tremendous and manages to make the viewer enter Arrakis, the universe of Dune, he does not know how to tell us a story that we care about. Hell, even the action scenes become boring, you feel that there is nothing of value at stake in them and in the end they are just red and blue spots on the screen. As unbelievable as it sounds, Dune has everything that a great movie has, an incredible soundtrack, spectacular special effects, but it fails in the most important thing, in telling us a story with good characters. And this is what prevents it from being a good movie.

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