Dune ★★★½

Having just finished watching the film for the second time, I consider that I was too harsh with my first review. This story is too complex to absorb in just one viewing. The first time I saw this movie I had little knowledge of the lore of Dune. I knew the basics of the plot, but not enough to understand all the concepts or grasp all the references. In fact, there is so much information presented in just an hour and a half that for first timers, it is easy for the casual viewer (as I was) to get lost in the plot, not connect certain points that are presented throughout the film and become disinterested, desperate and bored. This, personally I consider it a failure on the part of the script, so I keep saying the same as in my first review, the script needed more work in explaining things that the casual viewer does not know. Most of the characters in the same way, are not so well developed, especially the secondary characters, who don't have any construction, we don't get to know them or get attached to them, so we don't really care what happens to them. And that affects the narrative, because if we don't get to connect with most of the characters, we don't care about what we see on screen. 
However, the second time I saw this movie, knowing what happens in the following scenes and the complete plot of this first part, I managed to understand the concepts that I had not understood, I connected certain important points that I had not understood the first time and that blew my mind. As I said in my previous review, this movie will sweep the academy awards next year, the technical aspects of the movie are perfect and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. 
Dune is a really rich story, where there is no conflict of good guys and bad guys, but rather it pushes the reader's morals to the limit in a grey conflict, where there is oppression and massacres on all sides. It is a real conflict. A mature story with implications that feel real. 
And I'm glad we'll be able to explore all of that in the second part.

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