Malignant ★½

When we talk about modern horror movies, it's impossible not to mention James Wan. The guy is a visionary, he has created some of the most successful horror franchises such as SAW, Insidious and of course, the Conjuring universe. That's why when he mentions his return to horror films, we horror fans get excited and look forward to it. And this movie doesn't live up to Wan's cinema. It has a really stupid story, with dialogue that sounds like it was written by 12 year olds. Even the actors do a lousy job and give B-grade performances. It leaves me wondering, what the hell happened, how could James Wan, the master of modern horror have made this movie? A movie so bad that to be honest, it can easily rank as the worst movie of the year and one of the worst horror movies of the last few years. Quite disappointed and confused, James Wan makes his black sheep of his cinematography.

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