Spencer ★★★

More than a narrative, Spencer is a character study of Princess Diana. If you are not interested in these subjects, this is definitely not the film for you. However, the exposition is very well done, where the viewer comes to feel like they know Lady Diana, seek to understand her, and become interested in her and her issues. Kristen Stewart gives the performance of her life, I had heard she was good but I was quite impressed and surprised, no doubt, she must be the candidate to beat for the academy awards. She really transforms herself into Lady Diana, proving something I am proud to say, that I always knew she is one of the best actresses of her generation. Not even her most die-hard haters will be able to say otherwise after seeing this film. In conclusion, Spencer is a film that works as a character study, where Lady Diana is the center of the film and everything revolves around her. Kristen Stewart carries this film from start to finish and impresses with her magnificent performance.