Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ★★

Venom 2 is nonsense, it's a missed opportunity. Fans of these characters deserve more than a movie where there is no plot, where these characters are greatly wasted and never reach their full potential. Carnage is a mythical being in the comics, a rival to be reckoned with even for the Avengers, with a fascinating and wicked history. Sadly in this movie he is reduced to a joke, I understand that they don't adapt the story 100% but changing him this way was a terrible idea, they turned him into someone generic and pathetic. The jokes are bad, the performances are mediocre or overacted and the script is mediocre, so venom 2 is a stab to the fans of these characters who expected and deserved more than what this movie gave them. What I will give it credit for is that the special effects are very well done, Venom and Carnage look spectacular, the post-credits scene delivers and the fight between these two titans is quite entertaining and exciting. However, seeing the potential of what could have been, it is inevitable to leave the theater disappointed.