Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

I am simply speechless. Justice. Yesterday, March 18, 2021 justice was served for all. For Zack Snyder, a director who fought for his vision all these years, for the fans, who for three years were asking for this cut, for those who always believed and never gave up. As Batman said, they fought with faith. And for the cast of this film, whose performances were cut and minimized, especially Ray Fisher, who gives one of the best performances in superhero cinema. They were not exaggerating when they said he was the heart of the film. 
This movie is Zack Snyder's best, hands down. At first I won't deny that the length of this one had me a little worried at first, but by dividing it into six chapters and an epilogue, the film never feels heavy or too long. In fact, thanks to this division the pacing feels just right. Without a doubt, it was a wise decision to present the film this way. 
Let's start with the story. Without a doubt, it is far superior to the theatrical version. In fact, we can say that it is one of the best plots in a superhero movie. It is a rich plot, each of the characters is built in an excellent way, each of them has their own moment of glory, you know their motivations and you manage to empathize with them. Cyborg is the star, you get to connect with the character, you get to understand him, you laugh with him, you cry with him, it was a crime to cut all his plot and participation 4 years ago. We get to see Batman like we've never seen him before. I think it's beautiful how in BvS we got to know his darker side but when we met Superman, he became a man of faith. He is without a doubt, the leader of the league, he manages to bring them together and make them work as a team. He manages to turn them into a family. Wonder Woman is excellent. Elegant, brutal, she has the best action scenes in the five movies we've seen her in. Without a doubt, she is a true warrior. 
Even the villain had a better build than in the theatrical version. In the 2017 movie, he was bad just because he was bad. Here he has a reason, a motivation to be so. And Darkseid, what can I say about him. His presence is menacing, he's intimidating, he's a real threat. This story must continue, because who doesn't want to see more of this character and see him taking on the justice league?
The action scenes are the best in a superhero movie. You can see the commitment of the actors and their stuntmen, they are scenes that thrill you. Flash's scene at the climax of the movie is simply spectacular. It totally blows you away. If you thought Quicksilver's scenes were good in the xmen movies, this one will surprise you with how epic it is. And Superman manages to be that center of hope he was always meant to be. 
The soundtrack is unique in a superhero movie. I don't think we'll ever hear anything like it again in any other movie in this genre. 
In conclusion, I can only say that this is the best movie in the DC comics extended universe. It's epic, it's big, it's an unprecedented event. Excluding Joker (because he doesn't belong to this universe) the Dc movies after Aquaman have been just disappointing and forgettable. Nobody is interested in that universe, nobody cares. Fans want to see the continuation of this story. Fans want Snyder's universe to be restored. Justice for all.

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