OneYoungWolf has written 4 reviews for films rated during 2020.

  • The Book of Stone

    The Book of Stone

    I don't understand why the director made the decision to use that color palette. There are times when you can't focus anything on the background and you can't see the important things that matter to the plot. The performances are honestly bad, but the direction is even worse, there are times when it doesn't even look like a professional movie. A big meh you'll forget a few hours after you saw it.

  • House of Wax

    House of Wax

    This is an ugly, boring, pointless film

  • Monster Family

    Monster Family

    Completely  horrible, super silly, pointless, boring and nothing funny, this movie is an abomination. This is why I no longer watch animated movies, because they are generally the same as this, generic and terribly stupid. It bothers me to see how they want to treat children like idiots and believe that with any crap they will be happy. This movie is a real nightmare, zero recommended and soon no one will remember it

  • Slender Man

    Slender Man

    Completely destroys the character and the myth behind it, this film does everything terribly wrong. Terrible special effects, horrible performances, soundtrack for oblivion and a ridiculous script, it's a pathetic and cheap film, this is a movie that I'm hardly going to see again.