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  • Just One of the Guys
  • Inferno

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  • Suspiria

  • The Killer

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  • Suspiria


    the last time i saw Suspiria, i didn't even know who Joan Bennett was yet!

  • The Killer

    The Killer

    a heck of a bummer about the gig economy

    EDIT: my quippier version of this review is "a story i read on r/pettyrevenge about a gig worker whose life was derailed by a one-star review"

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  • Venom


    Jenny Slate plays a research scientist who is not based on a preexisting Marvel character, which is to say they could have named her anything, and they went with Dr. Skirth

  • Love in a Fallen City

    Love in a Fallen City

    A really great period romance that is also not not about how it takes a world war and an occupied city for Chow Yun Fat to propose to our heroine