Emma. ★★★★½

I shrieked when I saw this was available on Prime. I’ve been desperate to watch it since I finished reading the book, and I am so happy to not be disappointed.

As a faithful reader, I cannot help but be obnoxiously aware of deviations from the source material. But this was still a lovely adaptation. Not perfect, but admirable nonetheless, especially for successfully capturing the book’s many social and situational nuances. However, given the book’s subtlety, I found it odd whenever the film upped the drama to emphasize Emma’s faults and errors (and play into the comedy, I assume).

I must praise both the direction and acting. Shot framing and body language drive the narrative as much as the dialogue, and it’s mesmerizing to watch. Knowing the story probably led me to read into certain things, but it’s obvious that the filmmakers were attentive to detail… which brings me to the gorgeous cinematography. Of course, the locations/costumes have a natural elegance, but add that golden light and coordinated color palette, and you’ve got a true spectacle. I wish I could live in the brightness of this film.

So, from a narrative perspective, this was a 4-star watch for me. But I have to give an extra 1/2 star for the technical aspects of the film.

I am just so in love with Jane Austen and so thankful for yet another beautiful adaptation of her work. Her stories never fail to brighten my day, and I appreciate the filmmakers who recreate them and all their delicate details for the screen.

Side note: I was already thrilled to see Connor Swindells, and then I got Tanya Reynolds, too? Sex Education world domination, baby.

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