Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

My interpretation of this now, is indicative of things I have learned as I have gotten older from the first time I saw it and was bewildered by it. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, life much more than celluloid. If art is supposed to hold up a mirror to society, somehow pop culture can do the opposite. The image of America is told, in some places, much more vividly with our movies and television than our everyday lives. This may have changed with the advent of social media connecting us worldwide, but that was certainly the case before Twitter and Facebook entered our lexicon.

How this all related to how I feel about David Lynch's work now, especially after revisiting this, feels more prescient than ever. He presents life as random and as odd as it can be, but there is an undeniable reality to it. The feelings and expressions of emotion can be much stronger than dialogue or action. I often feel, when I am not encumbered by my keyboard, that I can't express what I feel in words. I think he gets that, and there's no more stronger proof of it than it is here.

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