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  • From the New World

    From the New World

    Boring, trite, uninspired, meandering, shite. Liked the setting and the soundtrack though, especially the main theme. Starts out weak then escalates to become somewhat enjoyable and engaging, the last seven to ten episodes are pretty much unwatchable though, even on mobile. Made my migraine even stronger.

    Shitty animation, shitty production values. The theme about the homosapiens loving each other was never explored, just sugary philosophical jargon. Pretty awful and uninspired "human bad" main theme, not even executed well.

    If this…

  • Cross Game

    Cross Game


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of the best sports Anime I have ever seen, if not the best in my honest opinion. If you are in for an Anime that is only and strictly sports based, and focuses on the awful yankee sport which we call baseball, then I have some pretty bad news for you. If you are watching this show to have a good time and watch characters who will stay with you for a long time, then you are surely going…

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  • Ping Pong the Animation

    Ping Pong the Animation


    Ping Pong The Animation could be described as the best execution ever put to an animated series, EVER. That's because the premise is so dull and lifeless yet it ends up being one of the best works that the animation medium has yet to offer.

    The story of Ping Pong starts off with a very simple premise, some guys at an academy are competing to win the grand prize in a sport they are playing. The premise of Ping Pong…

  • Upstream Color

    Upstream Color


    I don't support American snakes who beat up their girlfriends