Dunkirk ★★★★★

What a movie!

Christopher Nolan is back with a War Movie. A movie with almost no dialogue and almost total focus on the event, not on the people participating. Which is actually amazing. In a war movie, characters don't need to be complex, in my opinion. The fact that they have/had to witness something as brutal as war is enough for me to care. And it seems like Nolan thought the same. Even the biggest asshole doesn't deserve to witness his friends and family die like this.

For the whole 107 minutes I was on the edge of my seat, my heart pumping. Nolan creates such an incredible feel of tension and fear. You're on the beaches with these characters, you're on the boats, in the planes. A big reason for this is probably Hans Zimmer's fantastic score. Even scenes in which you already know the outcome, thanks to Nolan's three segments which overlap throughout the movie, keep you hooked, with this intense ticking sound constantly present in the background.

Everything this movie offers is beautiful, cinematography, sounds, acting, effects. I'm in love with it. The best Nolan has delivered since The Dark Knight.

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