Sully ★★

So, I had like 3 hours to kill today and I thought to myself: "Hey, you like movies, why don't you go watch a movie with one of your favorite actors and a director you consider to be pretty good as well?"

Sully came out today in Switzerland because why the fuck not? Why would you release a movie at the same time worldwide? Why not wait like 3 months?

Anyway, Sully tells the story of the famous pilot who was able to rescue 155 people by landing an airbus on the Hudson River.

This is the story of him doubting his decision, dealing with the media buzz, his sudden fame and so on. Or atleast that's the story in the first 25 minutes. After that it's a mix of flashbacks that don't add much to the story, or hearings with people that doubt his actions.

The movie does nothing extremely wrong, but ther was never a moment where I thought "That's nice/great/amazing!"
Every scene felt like a drag, it felt fake and cold. The interactions are constructed and incredibly superficial.

Eastwood doesn't do much to give this movie a unique look or a scene that stands out. Everything feels like an overly expensive tv movie.

The elements that could have made this movie good or entertaining were there, but when you show the landing 3 times during your 90 minute movie, you're doing something wrong.

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