Carol ★★★★★

amazing. gorgeous, cinematic, breathtakingly romantic. wispily dreamy, staticky glistening of a television set or a needle scraping a record, train set circling the track, sustained eye contact, red-lipsticked smile. Withheld touch and glances - pitch perfect meetings of eyes and words prickling against ear hairs, sounding the tension, the taboo of a deeply felt, shared attraction. sunspots flaring across the screen and blurring the lens as the noise leavens out, dropping as if underwater, submerged in feeling behind glass of a car window, or lost in the telephone wire across silences felt but not heard...or from across the counter, one end of the store to the other. never exploitative, and yet purely and uncorruptly sensual...shots perfectly evocative, and idyllic - capturing the mood of '50s loneliness and despair, and infatuation, deep love, and heartbreak and longing. it's all about longing - for the impossible, for the doomed, for the what should be. its a disservice and an insult to call it 'a lesbian film', when its one of the most affectionately and compassionately human movies i've seen in a very long time. achieves more than even the most pheomenal of melodramas by being so perfectly reminscent of its time and place, its acting masterfully characterizing and also...moving. more words on this later