• Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    Second time to watch this at mas affected ako this time.

    QCinema 2021

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    "He had to respect how she wanted to take control of her life "

    Fave chapters: Bad Timing and Positive

    QCinema 2021

  • Waves '98

    Waves '98


    "They wake up every morning to the same news. Same chaos and mess.

    urban loneliness, fatigue, alienation, and hopelessness

    reminiscent of my first few years in the metro 'yung depiction ng urban loneliness at alienation.

    felt like a horror film (at least for me). mas matindi siguro ang tama nito this pandemic sa viewers lalo kung nasa Pilipinas.

  • Love Jo. Right Now.

    Love Jo. Right Now.

    Ramdam ko 'yung kilig ni ate. Ganito rin ako siguro kung ako matatawagan ni Takeru sa sugar app. Hahaha

  • Install


    " I want to live, even if it's boring, even if it sucks"

    Edgier, quirkier, and definitely weirder pala ang earlier works ni Risa Wataya ( the novel where this film was based and her debut novel na I want to Kick You in the Back). This didn't resonate with me, unlike Tremble All You Want and Hold Me back which she co-wrote. Pero interesting pa rin at I think ahead of its time?

    Side note: Aya Ueto is still…

  • Ito



    With it being compared to It's a Summer Film ( based on the posts I've seen on a film-related page), I assumed that this was also quirky and fun. It's not, but I'm not complaining. Iba 'yung tone nito sa It's a Summer Film. Somehow, mas reminiscent ito ng Mio on the Shore ( at least for me); patience-tester pero the slow pace worked to its advantage. Ang ganda na, unti-unti, you witness Ito come out of her shell, learn…

  • Mixed Doubles

    Mixed Doubles


    four hearts instead of stars <3

    lost count of the times this film made me laugh and giddy (though the romance was slow-burn, subtle ,and focused on each other's growth). It had a lot of charming moments!

    I really had fun watching this! I can list a lot of favorite scenes and things that I love about this sports dramedy/romcom. Siguro, isa sa pinaka-fave ko 'yung asarang laro with the kids and pati 'yung moment he said " partner".


  • Where I Belong

    Where I Belong


    Obachan, ampunin mo na lang ako, please. Ayoko nang magtrabaho. Gusto ko na lang tumulong sa'yo,Obachan kapalit ng free lodging at onigiri dyan sa Japan.

    one of those quiet, slow-paced, healing Japanese films set in a rural region. Don't we all need someone who will give us unconditional positive regard or accept and have faith in us despite the "despites"?

    I agree with a certain review which mentioned that it's somewhat the dramatic version of Wood Job ( but with a serious/controversial conflict).

    Galing ni Kento at ang ganda nung song sa dulo.

    Tender ni Yvette Young din ang naisip kong kanta ni Obachan for Izumi.

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    Simula pa lang, may pinakasikat ng quote mula sa tula ni Neruda, uwian na.

    Kagabi pa ako sinasaktan ng 10-minute version ng All Too Well ( kahit wala naman akong ex o fling man lang hahaha). That's the magic of Taylor's songs and this short film -it makes you
    vicariously feel/experience things.

    P.S. ang sakit talaga nung line na "you kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath."

  • Adieu Bohème

    Adieu Bohème


    "I promise"

    infatuated with the score (!!!) and the final scenes

  • Blue


    bluer than blue, sadder than sad. chos.

    burning desire? monotony? insomnia? loneliness? di ko rin alam. di ko gets pero gusto ko

  • Hustlers


    "everybody's hustlin' "

    Na-LSS ako sa Gimme More ni Britney. Ang galing ni J.Lo at Constance.

    Control of the body/ (medyo) radical feminism and female friendship!