Lamb ★★★½

What the fuck was this?

But actually, there was something I enjoyed about this film. I really should've tracked my partner's and my commentary, which may have taken this movie into comedy territory. Still, the twists and shocks hit strong. The story gave enough to keep you interested. The actors were very good, which considering there's really only 3, is necessary to carry the story. And there is a good amount of story to tell. The scenery is beyond beautiful. Iceland is one of the few places I absolutely want to visit one day, and this only fueled it.

But at the end, it left a feeling of... what was this all about? What was it all for? Was there meaning we missed? Or was it just a story?
That was really my only let down.

All the animal actors must be given credit. They were fantastic. I realize they probably filmed, like, a week's worth of sheep footage, and then cut in what served the story, but damn, I felt everything the sheep felt. Someone just help that mother sheep! You took her baby! Help her!

Would recommend.

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