In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

These fucking cameramen are next level... The choreography of mirror between reality, the steady shifting of focus in every scene + the very innovative and always spellbinding camera placements (movements).
Like I wrote about Days of being wild I love how Wong Kar-Wai tells a story in such innovative ways and keeps it interesting with mixing the story-moving dialogue with philosophical shit all the time.
Even though Wong Kar-Wai has switched style a whole lot from the first installment in the trilogy it is still so obvious to me that this is a Wong Kar-Wai movie. In some kind of way he is so consistent while still being so experimental and switching up his style. I think it's incredible.
And especially I love the atmosphere above all. The colors and everything mixes up to make what I could categorize as the most romantic film ever made. Luv this <3

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