The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

This might be the greatest movie I ever have seen.
If not, at least it is the most beautiful and spiritual movie I've ever seen.
So perfect, beautiful and utterly astonishing shots, and every scene so filled with symbolic images of different kinds.
The movie is mostly about religion, sexuality, and maybe some sort of hidden social critisism. Or maybe that's just me overanalyzing.
However I just have to compliment how tremendously weird this movie was. Even beats Lynch-movies and "Magical mystery tour" by the Beatles. Jodorowsky is not pleased with a weird scene. It needs to be ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-weird.
It isn't enough with an old woman sitting in a tree covered by dead chicken. She must chop of someone's dick with a sword as well.
It isn't enough with an old man with giant tits and half-shaved beard, he must spray milk through two leopard-mouths as well.
Well, to sum up what I actually want to say: I loved this movie.

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