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  • Boar



    Somewhat fun for an indie movie, but the characters could have been a bit less stereotyped. However, I got overly frustrated by the number of times the almost car-sized boar killed someone in an open field who didn’t see it coming. The movie should have been called Invisiboar.

  • Freehold



    Great concept, but it got quite repetitive after a while and I didn't feel the ending delivered as well as it could have.

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  • Deadly Instincts

    Deadly Instincts


    A bit slow going in places, but overall a fairly fun monster movie with many of the usual tropes and some enjoyable (sometimes over the top) characters.

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Pretty disturbing and creepy throughout. Doubly so because it pictures a bunch of twisted individuals that you could actually imagine existing. Unlike many other horror films, there's something believable about the antagonists and their deprived living.