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  • Dead Calm

    Dead Calm


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Rewatched this and was stricken by how insanely raw it is. Baby flung through car windshield within the first 10 mins and Kidman waking up from a nightmare about the accident to deliver the line “I could smell his haeaed.” 

    Billy Zane should have won something for this shit, if he didn’t. The dance he does on the deck of the boat perfectly captures the “wacked out guy feeling himself at a music festival” vibe and his performance on the…

  • Upgrade



    I keep imagining what this film would look like if it had been a WWE Studios joint instead of a Blumhouse joint. It almost has that vibe. Dean Ambrose as Grey. Uhh.... someone from 205 Live as Eron. Sasha Banks wearing a cheap cyber prosthetic in the background of the bar fight.

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