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  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    Hilarious and sure to leave some hurt ahnuses for viewers that thought that trailer about the silly foreign guy was going to be funny to find out they were the butt of the joke!

  • Never Hike in the Snow

    Never Hike in the Snow


    A slam bang follow up to the first film and it even stars Thom Matthews! My only issue is that it's short, but hard to gripe on that. This was the first time I think I've seen the internal life of Jason portrayed really well, a big accomplishment!

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  • Mortuary



    An odd duck that wobbles along with it's rock salt and licorice plot devices. Half of it is pretty good however the ending is so silly that I just couldn't really care what happened. In 2006 THE ASYLUM could have helped clean up some of this CGI.

  • Madhouse



    Ovidio G Assonitis makes one GOOFY freaking slasher film that is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I've missed this one until now! Hi-Diddle Diddle!!