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★★★= Fair
★= Very Bad (and Below)

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  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • Piranha
  • Woman in the Dunes
  • Bringing Out the Dead

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  • Little Miss Innocence

    Little Miss Innocence


    A great sexploitation adventure that plays with the audience as well as the victim. All three leads are great and really goes to show that the adult industry at the this time has some talent in the acting department. Chris Warfield also does a lot with a meager budget. Obviously not for everyone but for fans of sexploitation or even just fans of sexual-horror should give this a watch.

  • Me Me Lai Bites Back

    Me Me Lai Bites Back


    I think it's a solid documentary but it probably wouldn't appeal to non-fans of film making or exploitation films as a genre. I did find the film a bit repetitive at points, but overall I definitely enjoyed it.

Popular reviews

  • Mondo Cane

    Mondo Cane


    This is like watching a decent documentary with your racist uncle commenting endlessly over it all. The majority of reviews on here for Mondo Cane seem to go one of two ways. Either it's terrible because it's racist and cruel and should be thrown in a dumpster or it's terrible because it's uninteresting and dull. I actually thought the film itself was pretty good. Even the scenes other folks describe as "dull" I found pretty engaging. For example the hangover…

  • Face to Panty Ratio

    Face to Panty Ratio

    Despite Richard Kern saying "this isn't porn," I had to track this down on a pornsite to watch. Interestingly the porn site has 25 likes to 5 dislikes... so perhaps Kern should reconsider because it seems like he'll find more traction in the porn world then among the film/art community. My opinion? If this is art it's not very well shot and not particularly artistic. If it's porn it's underwhelming. A kind of pointless film.