Parasite ★★★★★

As soon as I found out that this was playing at my local theater I grabbed a bunch of my friends and rushed to seeing it again, I can't stress enough how fun it is to watch this with first-timers, it gets to a point where they stopped guessing what would happen because it's so unpredictable, and pretty much everyone had a blast while watching it.

The editing and score throughout the movie make for some fantastic scenes that I can't help but smile widely at, it's pure movie-making glory and the subject matter is interesting and very nuanced so it opens a conversation that could go on long after the movie's over.

Please see it, doesn't matter that you've done it already, it deserves every 5-star rating, it deserves to overthrow The Godfather, it deserves to be taught in film school, it deserves everything, thank you Bong Joon-ho, you saved 2019 and my life.

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