The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★½

Sean Baker is a better person than me. Making this movie, with these characters, in this place, living through those particular circumstances, and not making it a blunt and obvious "punching down to the stupids" movie, makes me feel so judgemental and assuming of other people's character.

The only reason why I don't love this a loooot more, is because it's focused on the children so much, and I get it, the point of the movie is not lost on me, but I just dislike children so much (going back to the Sean Baker is better than me point), every scene where the kids meander around and talk nonsense while much more interesting things are happening in the background, makes me wanna kick 'em, I feel this urge to kick 'em so hard, and if they were the background characters, it would work a lot more for my personal enjoyment, but I can't fault a movie for having its own ambitions, and the fact that it gets this high a rating when I basically get bored/disinterested with half of the film, that goes to show how awesome the rest of it is.

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