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  • The Big City
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
  • Lost in Translation
  • Harakiri

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  • Flight of the Red Balloon


  • Millennium Mambo


  • Good Morning


  • Tokyo Godfathers


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  • Monster



    Hirokazu Koreeda is easily my favourite director working today, I basically love most of his films and picking one Koreeda film to be my favourite is deemed impossible. Despite his latest film Monster does not fall immediately into the tight competition, it is still very close to the top, and I could see the potential of a higher rating after a rewatch when all the puzzle-solving mystery is deprioritised. Monster is Koreeda’s return to Japan after directing two foreign films (French and…

  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

    Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles


    Ranked 1st (215 critic-vote, 46 director-vote) in 2022 Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time Poll
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    "The Mother and the Whore"

    Before watching Chantal Akerman's 1975 film Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, I had learnt two things from what I read on cinema: the film itself is one of the best films ever made, and it's one of the best film ever made by a female filmmaker.…

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  • Flight of the Red Balloon

    Flight of the Red Balloon


    Probably the most under-appreciated work in Hou’s late period, Flight of the Red Balloon barely has a plot, hardly fit to be considered a ‘remake’ of Lamorisse’s short film. But Hou’s signature style, registered from the perspective of an outsider culturally and intuitively, rendered the ‘light’ material into fleeting moments of transcendence. It’s subtly magical in its cinematic language, eluded conflict but remained authentic to human emotions. I was unwittingly charmed by the unhurried rhythm and the keen observation on human interactions. 

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  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo


    Bodily bathed in disorientating neon light and surrounded by bumping techno music, the seemingly liberated Vicky (Shu Qi) was striding forward along an empty pedestrian bridge whilst intermittently looking back, into the camera, perhaps at us, until she arrived at the end of the bridge, went down the stairs into complete darkness. Meanwhile, we hear Vicky’s voice, wrapped in nostalgia, reminiscing her romantic relationship with Hao-Hao (Tuan Chun-hao) in 2001, in a third-person narration, 10 years removed from where she’s…

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  • The First Slam Dunk

    The First Slam Dunk


    I was speechless. 
    I am not a sporty person, I don’t even play basketball much, and not really a dedicated fan of Slam Dunk. I remembered watching some episodes of the anime when I was a child, but only till I was in high school did I catch up and finish the mange. I love the story and all the characters, and the ‘regret’ of the ending has transcended the entire series IMO. The last game between Shohoku and Sanno…

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


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    Ranked 93rd (32 critic votes, 9 director votes) in 2022 Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time Poll

    The Rearward View of Life

    Near the end of the film Yi Yi, there is a funeral, the little boy Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang) reads out the letter he wrote for his deceased grandma (Ruyun Tang), saying he would like to be a person of showing stuff others don't…