Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

Spider-man: a high-school kid who has recently lost his mentor but is now more enthusiastic in proposing to the girl he fancies, whilst still unrecognized the fact that his great power came with great responsibility and huge danger.

Mysterio: an illusionist who singlehandedly builds his own visual effect team (plus a costume manager) to create his own version of a superhero origin story, in other words, he’s the producer, director, and actor of “Spider-Man: Far From What Your Eyes Seen.”

Other side characters: too occupied in finding their respective sexual partners, excluding Nick Fury and Maria Hill since (spoiler).

Theme: everyone is trying so hard to become someone they are not, and ends up with disparate, but foreseeable results. The film should be called Spider-man: The Imposters.

P. S. Tom Holland, playing Spider-Man, traveled across the Western Europe, and guess what, he went to Holland in Spider-Man: Not Far From Holland!

P. S. The best part of the film came in the post-credit scenes. It means either those scenes are unexceptionally good (more like game-changing shock), or the entire film is just too predictable.

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