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This review may contain spoilers.

Cars 3 is one of the Pixar movies I was excited about watching mainly because I really like the first one and the second one is alright I know right crazy I said alright well oh well anyway this movie really hit me this is one of those Pixar movies I have seen that is really emotional to watch like finding dory is up their toy story 3 and finding Nemo and wall-e are the ones are the saddest out of those but to me Cars 3 tops all that of course at first what I heard about this movie was not good so I was still really worried about mainly because I heard that lighting Mcqueen does not even race at the end is why it took that many years to see because of just that because mainly people are just picky but I am glad I picked this up today because i wanted to see what is this about and i am very glad i saw this and i really liked it and this is for sure of my fav pixar movies here is why mainly because of lighting Mcqueen as an character is the best he has ever been in the other movies he was not that good he really only cared about his fans in the first which bothered me a lot when rewatching that movie in cars 2 all round his character he once again only cared about the race and that is why we focus on mater but in this movie he is awesome in he actually improves his character a lot cruise is good also at first i am like this character is gonna be a waste nope the beginning of the movie is the best i know that people don't think that but i do the best part of these three movies are the races that is why cars 2 is still solid for me mainly because of that the very first race and Mcqueen crashes really hurt and it sad even watching stuff like that happen but having character like that is tuff to see might just be me idk Storm as an villain is a nice addition nothing to hard to focus on him in the movie to take away from McQueen side the race at the end is good not the best mainly because of Cruise but it's ok for this movie i am not too happy on it but i can be fine with it so all round this movie is a big surprise did not aspect this movie to be this good for me so I give Cars 3 an A-

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