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This review may contain spoilers.

F9 is about Dom is leading to get off the grid with Letty and his son but then Roman comes to show something coming up and when Letty leaves he looks at it again and zoomed in to see who took out NoBody and the sins of his past comes at him while the crew has to help him with Dom's brother Jacob F9 surprised me I love when Fast & Furious does a story's in this movie has that so the pass scenes with Don's brother and his dad are great and it is sad also I thought I was going to have a problem of han's character and I did not it made sense how it happened and he was scared not to show himself which he did when Letty was in trouble worked so well I was surprised that the storytelling was not messy like other films I watched Jacob as the main villian is great I thought I was not going to believe him as a villian does great as a villian about his dad and his brother and his team betrays him and he is battling his own team so when he is about to fall Mia saves him the one thing i am confused about is Cipher is she used a other drone to take out Dom what!!!!!!!!! I am confused about that so all around F9 is a fun movie and with storytelling, I really liked so I give F9 a B+

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