Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning ★★★½

Friday the 13th A New Beginning I am genuine how surprised this movie was too be the stuff i heard is one of people's least fav to me I think the good is Jason which is cool like the mask in like a greyish tags and blueish tags which is odd but different you will know why when you see the movie why it is like that I enjoy Tommy Jarvis in this but he does not do anything which annoys me because I get the whole be is scared of Jason or something like that and having issues mentaly but it goes no where in this movie ok the mixed are the kills there is some cool ones but most kills in this film are cut aways so annoying like you get excited for a kill than you barley see it which is so annoying I think the negatives is they do way too much nudity wayyy to much and they don't try to build any characters either kills like every character possible in the movie which is so odd to do in a 5th movie or any Friday the 13th movies in general so all round i enjoyable this flick it is different kinda still could of been way better like I mentioned they did not do a lot of good in this mainly because to make another movie which does suck because had some good ideas fall so flat so I give Friday the 13th A New Beginning a B-

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