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This review may contain spoilers.

The Amazing Spiderman is my third fav Spiderman movie in the entire series here we have Andrew Garfield playing Peter Park and Spiderman because of the problem they had with spider-man 3 of course sony was the problem what is so messed up they did twice with the amazing spiderman 2 but anyway let's talk about this film one of my fav superhero movies also I think peter in this is good but not enough tho it's still good of course he does not look nerdy which people don't like again Andrew Garfield is a great movie to me he is my second fav spiderman out of the whole series by far ok Gwen she is by far my fav love interest for peter in the entire series the chemistry is amazing with them too Marc Webb knows how to make the characters feel natural like real people, not people just being on set The Lizard in this movie I do like but here is my one problem not a clear motive for the Lizard is the arm but then his boss said no and he started ejecting him self with the serum to make him transform into the Lizzard Mom and Dad story was way to short what I don't like sony marked this movie as a dark story for peter well guess what once again that did not happen but it was fine nothing crazy also this Capt Stancy is awesome in this one of my fav characters in this film his character is great protecting people even though he took a big risk in this film well lucky he did what was the right thing to make the Lizard not win also Ben in this I do like tho chemistry with this is pretty awesome the original ben from the trilogy is better but I do really like Chemistry in this tho another wow the score is pretty awesome not better than the trilogy but this pretty good like that about these two movies also all round one of my fav superhero movies could of been better for the villain if it had a motive but still a great movie super underrated so I give The Amazing Spider-Man an B+

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