Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

my first long-ish letterboxd review so bare with me lol
i’ve sat with this film for a few hours / collected my thoughts and have some things to say. i was super excited for this one and it was pretty good for the most part until the third act where it all really threw me off.
okay, i guess i see what they were trying to do with the whole revenge after death thing and i read emerald’s interview saying “it’s how the system works” and how she didn’t want a “hollywood ending that would let us all off the hook” which i understand, but this is hollywood and we see this in real life so much maybe a hollywood ending would have been nice...? i think the main issue is that they marketed it so much a revenge film that we expected her to, well, get revenge... which she does, but she also loses her life in the process. i think this could have been very triggering for assault survivors watching this movie expecting her to be victorious in the end, especially how she was killed by the same man who assaulted her best friend. i also think the killing scene went on WAY too long. you’re going to brutally murder the female protagonist in a movie about getting back at men? really doesn’t make sense to me. they also didn’t even show cassie doing anything remarkably as bad to the men when that was what the movie was advertised as and thought to be about. 
carey mulligan played her role amazingly of course but i was disappointed about how they handled the end as i feel like it really defeated the whole purpose of the film.

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