Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

"You must've been so afraid cassie, then you saw a cop" a chilling statement from McCrae that resonates to this very day. This movie is still relevant and that makes it very sad. The fact that people can fear the police that have sworn to protect is simply terrifying, and it really plays on your mind during this film considering events of the past.

This is a straight up slasher, however considering it's an 80s slasher it's not very gory at all. In fact I don't even know why it has an 18 rating! there's no nudity, no gore really and not very much bad language to be honest. But it's still an effective slasher! Also the maniac cop looks so fucked up its brilliant.

Also the acting here is on point, a great performance from Bruce Campbell. He makes this movie so watchable and so does McCrae also. The soundtrack is also awesome I loved it.

The only thing that stops this film from getting any more stars is its absurdity, involving everyone believing a certain person is the killer. Considering they're cops they should see that the evidence is purely circumstantial. And I simply hate it when I don't believe you trope goes on way too long, they don't even settle it really in this movie! gah makes me so mad.

Anyway this is a must see slasher, its definitely up there with the rest but it's not the best.

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