Midsommar ★★★★★

Midsommar is the twisted sister of Hereditary, whereas that was clouded in dark mystery, Midsommar bares its wounds for all to see, it cannot be escaped.

In Hereditary towards the end of the first act, a shocking revelation changes the narrative into a spiral of despair. For Midsommar, you're sinking before the title card. It sucks the life out of a gorgeous movie, the joy witnessed is a falsity until the final shot.

It keeps you on edge with Florence Pugh being constantly disorientated, be it from drugs or the realistic depiction of grief, anxiety and depression. When this movie picks up, it doesn't let you go. I can't tell you a single moment I was relaxed, until the sickness is burned out from her heart.

It's a really fascinating film really, as it covers similar ground to Hereditary in a way, and again looks at a bizarre cult. But this time looks at relationships, one that's pretty bad, but seemingly harmless. It's the gaslighting, the being trapped by the revelation in the first act, the way he doesn't seem to care, how he always seems like he's going to dump Florence on the tip of his tongue. It tortures her, she needs to be loved and held, and doesn't have the strength to find anyone else, and she knows he's only with her because of what has happened.

This movie is also very sick and depraved, it's meant to challenge our western ideals. Should people actually live like that? well you might realise probably not, as the movies unfolds and it gets worse and worse.

A well executed, supremely acted (Pugh is the new Colette!), beautifully scored (Krlic does a smashing job) beautifully shot, and constantly unsettling movie. This is a must watch! Sure the movie plays out kinda how you'd expect, but it's not the bloody point.

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