Suspiria ★★★★★

Really really good! This is my jam! Arty visuals! super camerawork!! I loved the snap zooms and other such throwback techniques, pretty much the only similarity to the original. Which is nice because the spirit is there! But it is an entirely different beast, considering the original literally has no plot, and this movie compares berlin wall era oppression to a coven of witches? Brilliant.

Super super performances, amazing choreography, exquisite set design and a score that goes hand in hand with this movie. I'm super impressed, I didn't know if it'd be any good, since this movie is divisive even in the horror community! But it rocks. The final act is so fucked, I love the super gory shit, the crazy visuals and Mother Markos alongside some kind of death inducing demon. Luca must have lost his mind, he went to the oscars with a gay drama, next he did a bizarre arthouse horror film? that is genuinely nasty, and often nailbiting. Directors should change genre much more often!

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