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  • The Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel


    A great compilation of drama, tragedy and romance; covered under a beautiful cloak of musical appearance and suffocating atmosphere, set in a cabaret where the impression of being the common meeting place for all the base of society is generated. It is a German film that finds its identity in being the reflection of a nation battered by war and absent of its national pride, a mirror of disenchantment and lost dignity. Another reason to love this art, which manages…

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad


    The atmosphere it creates of realism and romantic fantasy, where the most hidden and striking love stories emerge is a power that Resnais possesses. It gives us a vision of non-linear narrative, perhaps, of the first demonstrations of this type of argument to which I have professed so much love.

    In addition, the fact of providing from elements provided on the screen the ability for us to generate a connection from the story and be able to conclude the outcome…

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    The change in perception, the turning point that science fiction had, is it not the same function that the monolith fulfilled? A clear change in our generation, a filmic testament that should be taken as inspiration but should not be modified, besides I am a clear defender of what works how it is should not have remakes.

    A science fiction movie with a study of human relationships and its study of being like no other. This is a great point…

  • Stalker



    God, how much love I feel for Tarkovsky and for this film, in fact, the first one that introduced me to the world and universe of this great teacher, and as I read it in a fragment of another giant like Bergman and that I paraphrase it here, Tarkovsky and his Cinema is a key to a world that I always wanted to enter.

    This film was his farewell to his stay in his home and led him into "voluntary"…