Z-O-M-B-I-E-S ½

im losing my fucking mind

here are some quotes just to get a taste of this movie:

these drills are offensive and driven by zombiephobia

dont get any ideas buster

if you ever touch my cousin again it wont be pretty

humans are bad. but cheerleaders are monsters

who am i fooling, bucky's never gonna let me on the team. he'll clip my wings! i'll never be able to fly.

are zombies always this harrassed? i had no idea life was like this for them.

zombies are students at seabrook too, bucky.

"cheer up. cheer is contagious"
"so is pink eye"

who's the zombie? IM the zombie. and this zombies playing some ball

you look delicious. i mean gorgeous

you just thanked me for rubbing peanut butter on your umbrella

"im fighting against intolerance"
"i fought mine by eliminating dairy"

i just need a little zomboost, ok?

you're either pro cheerleader, or pro zombie. what's it gonna be?

feel that breeze it's not a sneeze. zombies score and run with ease.

well, deep-fry me and dip me in cocktail sauce

"so? you like a girl with brains"
"you know that's super offensive, right?"

im not an average guy but you know im fly

do the draggy leg. you surely can.

you should be yourself it's the coolest thang

i mean i dont wanna discriminate on humans so it would be wrong not to take up your offer

im cheering for a change, bucky.

i cant tell if I'm madly in love with this movie or if I completely despise it

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